The Marmon/Boedeker Band | Thursday Dec 6

The Marmon/Boedeker Band | Thursday Dec 6

The Marmon/Boedeker Band is an amalgamation between the songwriting skills of Paul Boedeker and Mark Marmon. Paul
has been writing lyrics and playing guitar since his teens. In Texas, he has played solo and in various bands and writing collaborations since 1976. His original lyrics range from love songs and ballads to tongue-in-cheek humor and parody. Paul has two recordings available; “Steady Moving” and “Society of Little Friends” with Herman Kluge.

Mark style of “cowjazz” playing during the same time period with several songs recorded by other artists in the C & W market. His first record “Without Your Love” charted in the Top 100 Billboard Country in 1984. Both of them performed together for several years before joining other groups, and now they are performing around the state on the songwriter/singer circuit.

Paul plays guitar, mandolin and vocals. Mark plays 6 & 12 string guitars, 10 string Cuatro, harmonica and vocals.

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