Get Your EQ Delivered — by Velo

Get Your EQ Delivered — by Velo

Now you can order your favorite coffee, juice, pastry or sandwich, charge it by credit card, then get it delivered by Velo.

According to Velo Delivery, “The Heights is full of amazing local food & goods we want to make even more accessible.”

Velo Delivery is a Houston Heights bicycle delivery service transporting food, drinks, etc. for local restaurants and other businesses. When using a Velo Partner restaurant like EQ Heights, the customer calls the restaurant to place a delivery order, charging the purchase on a credit card. When the food is delivered, the customer pays Velo a minimum of $8 (per $50 of food). Velo can take a credit card or cash. Check the map to see if Velo can deliver for you (only Zone 1 Heights residents):!rates/c1ibn

Order your favorite coffee, juice, pastry or sandwich between 8 am and 9 pm by calling EQ Heights at (713) 434-6923. Charge your order by credit card and let us know that you’d like it delivered by Velo, then just pay Velo the delivery fee when your order arrives.

eq150407v5Can I schedule ahead of time?

Yes, a resounding yes. Scheduling a lunch order, for example, even the morning of will help you get what you need when you need it.

Do you deliver drinks?

Yes. Velo delivers bottles, jugs, cups of coffee etc. Large to-go jugs of coffee are available for larger orders.


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