Best Book Club Books

Fall is the perfect time to curl up on the couch and sink into a good book. Books clubs will be gathering in living rooms and in local coffee shops to discuss their latest book indulgence. Finding just the right book for your book club can be challenging. With varying tastes and levels of engagement, you want to find something that is current, entertaining, and complex and interesting enough to create meaningful discussions. Here is a great 2019 fall reading list of recommended books to read with your book club.

The Testaments: A Novel
The wait is over. In “The Testaments: A Novel,” Margaret Atwood finally answers the questions that have been on readers minds for decades. Partially inspired by the vivid world created in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and blended with the world we’re living in today; you will now find out what really happened after Offred stepped into a brave new world. If you’re a fan of the TV series, this one is a must!

Inland: A Novel
This poignant, beautiful book follows the stories of two very different people trying to survive in the Frontierland of 1893. Nora, a “tough-as-nails” pioneer woman, tries desperately to keep her family alive during a drought while waiting for her sons and husband to return. Lurie, a former outlaw and a character haunted by ghosts, travels the unforgiving and barren land. You’ll spend the entire book in anticipation of how their stories will intertwine, and when they do, it will take your breath away.

When All Is Said
A great book for conversation – if you had to choose five people to raise a glass to that are vital to you in your life, who would they be? On a Saturday evening in the Rainford House Hotel, Maurice Hannigan orders five different cocktails – with each one he toasts someone important to him in his life. Through each person, he tells the story of his life, with all its loves and triumphs, feuds and regrets. This powerful, beautifully written book promises to be the next great Irish novel.

Red at the Bone: A Novel
An unexpected pregnancy brings together two families from different social classes who would otherwise never meet. Using the power of poetry this lyrical masterpiece moves backward and forward in time, examining the cultural, historical, and social forces that intertwine to influence the life of the child, Melody. Full of complex relationships and hard decisions young Melody is forced to make a long-lasting life decision before even figuring out who she is or what she wants to be.

Akin: A Novel
“Akin: A Novel” comes from the critically-acclaimed author of “Room.” A tale of family, love, and loss, “Akin” unpacks a family’s painful history and rewrites the story. Noah, a retired New York professor, retires at 80 and finds a collection of mysterious pictures from his mother’s past. He plans a trip to the French Riviera to investigate, but the night before his departure he receives a phone call. He learns that he’s the Uncle and last remaining relative of Michael, whose mother is in prison. Noah reluctantly brings Michael along on a journey that reveals more than either of them ever imagined.

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