COVID 19 Update

As we have done in other times of disruption caused by weather or public emergency, we are here to provide a space for positive social interaction until we are advised that it is no longer possible to do so.  

We want to assure you that we are increasing our focus on our sanitary protocols to promote healthy social interactions.

Our customers also play a role in ensuring we are able to remain available to the community by:

  • Remaining vigilant about your personal health practices and refrain from behaviors that may increase the likelihood of transmission.
  • Calling our attention to any situations that may require our immediate attention.
  • Understanding that these protocols may impact our normal menu availability as well as preparation and delivery times.

Our focus is to try to get through this time with our customers as partners. We will continue normal operations and hours.  As business needs dictate, we may change shift times and operation hours.  

We also offer the options for pickup and delivery.


Orders can be called in and paid for by phone at 713 434 6923 or through the mobile app called BRU. 


We offer two options FAVOR ( or GRUBHUB ( .

Any questions or concerns, please let us know either in person or via email at .