Final Stage

1030 Heights Blvd

Houston, TX

Heights residents and other visitors will find a mellow spot with locally sourced furnishings and nourishment, as well as a balanced selection of artisanal coffee and teas.

“We want EQ Heights to become a social house,” says the owner. “We plan to serve great coffee, teas and food in a welcoming atmosphere where people can connect with friends. Neighbors will be able to bring their computer or their kids and relax for awhile in different areas of the café that promote dining, studying, or chatting.”

The former home of Waldo’s and Boulevard Coffee has been remodeled to create a more subtle environment where the natural light reflects around the room. Different types of chairs and tables create a variety of seating types that appeal to visitors who’d like to talk, dine, study or convene. Through the addition of sliding doors, EQ Heights can also become host to special events and meetings.

Local groups and educators are encouraged to contact owner Kevin Blasini about hosting meetings and seminars at EQ Heights. EQ Heights will be a place where people can expand their minds and hearts while strengthening their connections.

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