Neil Kogut | EQ Heights Performance

Neil Kogut  |  EQ Heights Performance

Born in Austin, TX, Neil Kogut moved from desert to desert before settling down in Houston, TX. Ten years later, Neil is warm to his “new” home and lends his old school ‘Austin weird’ and chill to the city’s musical landscape. Well traveled, Kogut has written songs all over the world. With a brilliant combination of rhythmic guitar playing and heartfelt lyrics, Kogut brings a dose of authenticity to the proceedings. Spanning 20 years, Kogut’s catalog hits all the notes, from the wild driving songs of the West to a sobering dose of reality standing atop a mountain. From the heartbroken tales of the past to brilliant love songs for our heroes gone too soon, you will hopefully laugh and definitely cry. Jackrabbit Florist is Neil’s most ambitious project to date; it is also just utter nonsense. What is a Jackrabbit Florist anyway?

To take a line from Kogut himself, “I play my songs the way they go, and if you don’t like it well I don’t know. But if you want to sing along just grab a drink, sing the song.” Grab your drink, sing the song, and lose your worries for a time, as you ponder all of his.