The Tao of the Social House

The Tao of the Social House

As we fast approach our one-month anniversary, I realize I’ve delayed sharing my thoughts… too concerned with getting things perfect, I guess.  Now a sad moment, no doubt sent by a higher power, has reminded me that I should be more forthcoming about why I’ve invested my time and resources into birthing what we call EQ Heights, but is really a Social House.


The passing of tea maker Steven Smith reminded me. While I did not know him personally, like many others, I was inspired by his dedication to his life’s work. Sharing his company’s products with the Heights community was a straightforward decision for me, trusting his unbridled passion for life and for tea to enrich us. From the NY Times article on his passing:

What… craft brewers did for beer and artisanal vintners did for wine, Mr. Smith did for the Tao of tea, returning from his worldwide travels with novel varieties to blend.

As I reflected on this news, it really encapsulated why I felt reopening as more than a cafe is so important for us. Life can pass us by sometimes, if not for the moments where we can share our stories no matter how mundane with others. Socializing over a cup of tea, a coffee, a biscuit, a sandwich, whatever tickles our fancy, is truly why a place becomes special.  This has been my experience and that of Steve Smith and countless  others. Now, I hope EQ Heights becomes that special place for you.

Let me close by thanking so many of you who have dropped by to visit with such great energy and wishes for success. We are really excited to have been given the opportunity to recreate a special place for all of us here in the Heights. While we have and will continue to experience our bumps along the way, we are working hard to earn and keep your business and to make sure that EQ Heights becomes your Social House.

Thanks, Kevin

P.S. This Sunday afternoon ( 2 to 6 pm), we start our music program. First up is Rose & the Thorns, and then for you Waldo-ites, we have a band you’ll remember. We hope you can drop by, and let us know how to make it more valuable to the neighborhood.